Mothership – Secure Exchange, E-Resident Wallet and Cloud Hosting Platform

Mothership is building financial services around the Estonian E-Resident government programme. This includes a secure cryptocurrency exchange, an ICO funding platform and a cloud hosting platfrom connected to the blockchain.

What is Mothership?

Mothership is an organization incorporated in Estonia by E-Residents Arseny Zarachnev and Anton Egorov. The primary goal of Mothership is to build an organization under which various financial products will be built that will allow new Estonian E-Residents to launch businesses easily. They will help new Estonian startups to build a legal framework for digital assets and execute funding campaigns.

They will also offer the facility to link users wallets with their Estonian E-Resident digital identity allowing them to protect their funds and streamlining the process. They are also planning to build an cryptocurrency exchange which will be automatically verified using the E-Resident digital identity and will allow users to easily convert their funds from BTC to EUR in seconds.

Mothership have plans to launch a hosting platform that will be connected to the exchange and their blockchain. They will provide a PAAS solution to host user applications in the same datacenter as their own exchange. Users will be able to build high frequency trading bots, payment gateways and any other cool stuff using any language.

Why invest in Mothership?

Apart from all the reasons given above,

  1. Mothership is being promoted by some of the best traders in the cryptocurrency industry like CryptoCobain, Jeremy Ross, Gambit Crypto.
  2. Mothership has a partner Oleg Gutsol who is currently the head of global growth at e-Residency.
  3. Mothership has a low market cap of $8 Million maximum which gives it much growth potential.
  4. The first thing Mothership did after reaching the minimum ICO goal was to liquidate a portion of their ICO fund so that they are safe from the fluctuations in the ETH price.
  5. Mothership is fully transparent and their progress and roadmap are available publicly for everyone on trello.


How to invest in the Mothership ICO?

Mothership ICO has finished and is trading at Cryptopia.

To invest in the Mothership, you have to buy Ethereum which can be bought from popular exchange such as GDAX, Poloniex or Bittrex.

Important: After buying Ethereum from an exchange, transfer them to a local wallet or to a wallet at otherwise you will lose your funds.

You can then go to their token sale website and follow the rest of instructions.


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