DragonMint 16T | HalongMining Releases Competitor To Bitmain

HalongMining have just released a competitor to the bitcoin mining giant Bitmain’s Antminer. HalongMining’s DragonMint 16T is expected to be more powerful and will consume less electricity than the recent Antminer S9. With the release of HalongMining, Bitcoin mining ecosystem will finally become less centralized.

HalongMining DragonMint 16T Specs

According to the HalongMining’s website, DragonMint operates at a hash rate of 16TH per second and is 30% cooler. The dual fans allows the miner to run at an ambient temperature of 25° C. The chip efficiency of DragonMint Miner is 0.075J/GH which is far cheaper than Bitmain’s Antminer S9’s 0.098 J/GHs. The DragonMint is currently priced at $1350 and is available for preorder at HalongMining’s Official Website

DragonMint 16T Specifications:

Type: SHA256
Hash power: 16TH
Network: Ethernet port
Miner power consumption: 1205W ±6%
Chip efficiency: 0.075J/GH ±6%
Fans: dual fan variable 6000rpm (100W)
Power Supply: Not included



Antminer S9 Vs DragonMint 16T

  • Hashrate – DragonMint 16T provides more hashpower than Antminer S9. DragonMint operates at a hashrate of 16TH/s compared to Antminer S9’s hashrate of 13.5TH/s
  • Chip Efficiency – DragonMint 16T is more efficient with a Chip Efficiency of 0.075 J/GHs compared to Antminer’s S9 Chip Efficiency of 0.098 J/GHs
  • Price – DragonMint 16T is cheaper with a price of 1350 USD compared to AntMiner S9’s price of 1415USD.
  • Shipping Date – Antminer S9’s next batch is scheduled to be shipped in Jan 2018 whereas HalongMining will release its first batch in March 2018.



HalongMining is a new company and the miners haven’t been tested by the community, so it wouldn’t be good to make assumptions if their mining equipments will work as they appear on their website. But if the miners work as they are supposed to, it would mean an end to Bitmain’s reign over the bitcoin mining industry.

Let us know what you feel will be the outcome of the new competitor HalongMining will be in the comments below.

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